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Wait a second, hold the phone... Gambit is your favourite X-Men?
Anonymous asked

Sure is!

And Hawkeye is my favorite not X-Man.

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Here is the Beard grumps! ^w^

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When will there ever be anymore game squad episodes
nuptup123 asked


Peeps like their GameSquad I guess, which makes me happy!

I’ve actually been getting this question A LOT lately. So I should probably say something. The reason there hasn’t really been any GameSquads - because I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with it yet. It was originally supposed to be a intermediary between my big episodes and top tens/top fives, but it ended up taking up a lot more time than I thought because of how big the idea was and how far I was trying to take the “let’s play” by adding an overarching story / villain. A lot of the time spent was just on Assets for GameSquad. I think the concept is really good and I want to do it justice - but I also think I picked poorly when it came to the first game we played, and I want to branch out from that into other games, we have some ideas, and i’d love to hear your guys’ ideas. I think I want to stray away from “long series” and maybe go with spinoffs more. Either that or maybe pull back on the effects a bit more, and make it a bit more simpler. (sometimes that’s just not me, so that’s hard for me to do). I like trying to improve and redesign things a lot, and learn new effects.  I like looking at neat effects, and eye candy, because let’s plays are generally dull for me, so why not SPICE IT UP! But then i realized “spicing it up” takes a lot of time away from my projects that people are here for, like the reviews/toptens. So it puts me in a weird position.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of putting GameSquad on another channel (Making a GameSquad Channel) and/or making it exclusive somewhere else besides my channel as to not flood it as much. But to YouTube’s credit the new layout does allow me to organize things in a way that makes sense when you go to my channel page, so GameSquad can be organized next to my other series’ rather nicely, and is accessible. The problem with me putting it on another new channel is that then the viewership basically plummets, because making a new channel now without the help of massive social media blitz is very hard, and I don’t like doing that. So If I saw the plummeting views on it, then i’d probably not be as inclined to work on it honestly, because I could devote that time to bigger videos. So i mean, this is just some of the stuff I think about - and as you can tell i’m not really sure what I’m going to do yet, and that’s why you haven’t seen it. I really like the idea, and all the stuff i’ve come up with for it, I just don’t know where to take it quite yet, haha, and that’s the honest truth. I know that might not be what you want to hear, and you just want me to say “SOON…..” . I just wanted to do something fun, and I think it’s fun, and I love playing with my friends, and I think we’re a good group of buddies that are entertaining to watch play games. I like the concept of overly dramatic overblown effects for something as stupid as a let’s play series, the concept alone just makes me laugh.

brb rebranding gamesquad to 4 white guys play. No wait. Projared4.0, Projared clones play games. 

Signed, Lamesquad coordinator

- Spacehamster

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When did your Obsession with the Thief class in RPGs start?
vamperator asked

When I first began playing Dungeons & Dragons, and I saw all the cool utility things that a Thief can do. Pick locks, disarm traps, hide in shadows, pick pockets, move silently, etc. That fascinated me much more than dealing damage.

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Do you have a favorite player in Smash, and if so, who is he/she?
Anonymous asked

I main with Link. But I’m also, in the traditional sense, a terrible Smash player.

See, I don’t like hitting people when they’re off the platforms. If my smash attack doesn’t send far enough away to kill you, I give you every opportunity to recover. Hell, sometimes I’ll even help by using the gale boomerang to pull in. I also don’t guard the rails or occupy ledges by hanging on them.

If it keeps a tough, challenging battle going, I have way more fun doing that than spiking people down or wavedashing or stickfucking or whatever it is “pro” players do.

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look I ain't gay but that face you made when you made the baby mecha call in table flip made me seriously question myself
Anonymous asked

Well, you sure ain’t straight either.

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I love your face :l
jdzombieslaya asked

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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

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Do you and/or the rest of the NormalBoots ever think you'd come down to Australia?
too-sexy-for-my-godrobe asked

I’d love to some time! Maybe PAX Australia or something!

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Are you lookin forward to Smash? Who's your favorite newcomer so far?
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Little Mac! That dude looks beast!