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Woah, wait, new channel?
ironic-straightwhitemale asked


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Wait are you currently doing a nuzlocke? When will the vids be on youtube?
magnaz888 asked

It’s on the way. It will likely launch alongside the gaming channel. That way, new channel, new Nuzlocke to watch on it.

Posted 4 hours ago
Are you gonna Nuzlocke Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?
krispybaconator asked

I’m not really sure yet. If the upcoming Nuzlocke finishes around that time, perhaps?

I am getting strangely excited for the new games, though!

Posted 2 days ago
What does DM in DMJared stand for?
thenovasplosion asked

Dungeon Master.

Posted 2 days ago
Did you know you're featured on YouTube's fair use guide as an example of criticism? :)
Anonymous asked

I do know!

They contacted me directly for permission to feature the Drake of the 99 Dragons video as a prime example of Fair Use.

Pretty neat!

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Where did your theme song come from? It's so happy and catchy and I've had it stuck in my head for days.
samsamsocool asked

It came from the wonderful composer FantomenK. I’m a huge fan of his music, listening to it frequently on my mp3 player in my car. I always told myself, “If I ever need a theme song, this will be it.”

And that’s how my theme was born.

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Also, here's sum fanart I drew like ages ago. but I think it got lost in the twitter mail storm. (not sure how to send links n pics thru ask)
thimzgamer asked
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Hey Jared, hope everythings good with you. Im from the Bahamas & just wanted to ask if there are any events youd be at any time soon. Id really love to go to a panel of yours. I missed you at SGC
solsticerunnr asked

The next events I’ll be at coming up are Retropalooza in Dallas in September, and Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Portland Oregon in October (which will probably also have PBG, SpaceHamster & Brutalmoose).

I may be wandering around DragonCon in Atlanta at the end of August as well? And of course, MAGFest in January is always the super big one with TONS of YouTube musicians and personalities.

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i’m trying to learn how to pixel art, so here’s a projared(actual size)

This is great! Thanks!


i’m trying to learn how to pixel art, so here’s a projared
(actual size)

This is great! Thanks!

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NOTICE ME JARED-MH-SEMPAI oh god one day i do want to get this signed when the time arises. PROJARED REALLY DOES NEED MORE RECOGNITION, one of the few youtubers to be a MONSTER HUNTER FANATIC LIKE OURSELVES EEEEEEEEEEEEEEELORD