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What was it like working on Table Flip with Ross, Suzy and Barry?
misterpal asked

It was great!!
I always secretly desired to be on an episode of Table Flip after I first heard of it. It just seemed like a super fun time, and it was!

I was already friends with everyone on it, and I’ve always wanted to do some kind of collaboration with them in any capacity. Jirard and I have done Illusion of Gaia on his channel, but working with someone in the same environment is vastly different and much better in my opinion. So getting to do something with Jirard again was a real treat.

For the Grumps crew, I’ve hung out with them on numerous occasions, and have always gotten along with them really well. Having not worked with any of them in any kind of performance setting though, I did not know what to expect. I’m so, so happy that we ended up meshing together really well. Some people just “gel” together, y’know? I’m glad that I gel’d with everyone there.

I had no idea it would go so well with Ross. It got a little gay at times. And a lot of gay at times. It was pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Loved it. 10/10, would do again.

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My friemd wrote a smut of you and ross... lol :'^D
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A follow up to that persons MGS ask, what games are actually vital to the main storyline? I don't want to spend money on a bunch of side games unless I get really into these games.
another-fucking-gameover asked

Play 1,2,3, peace walker, 4, and Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain. Those are what they’re considering as “canon”.

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You should do a rendition of the 'draw my life's that people have done in the past called "draw my video game life" (or something like that) where you basically draw out and tell the story of the different video games and video game systems you've had and played since your beginning. I'd definitely watch it! ((Don't use the cop out answer of "I can't draw" to avoid doing it either!))
striiipez asked

My life isn’t interesting enough for a Draw My Life!

I’ve watched a few of them, like boogie2988’s and Markiplier’s. I found their’s fascinating, and I connected to them a bit more after seeing what kind of hardships they had to deal with growing up. Being bullied, death, depression, etc.

Here’s the lame truth: my life has been pretty good over all. I was bullied and depressed in high school, yeah, but never to an extent that it’s worth talking about. I didn’t have a bunch of hardships or life obstacles or dark times to get through. I’ve lived a pretty happy life and thoroughly enjoyed myself (save for maybe one or two job related things).

It isn’t an interesting story. I’m the main character, but I’ve had nothing to really overcome. Things were pretty great, and things are getting better. So. There.

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People are clearly missing the opportunity to press the hard hitting questions here. Which is more important to you: the septic safety of one ply or the comfort of two ply?
aftermarc asked

Only monsters revert to one ply.

My butthole is sacred ground. It gets the highest of comforts.

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When you think about the future, particularly the possibility of starting a family, is it intimidating or exciting?
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Kids are dumb. Won’t be having them.

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When you begin planning out a new video, do you do research on the other content YouTubers have already made about whatever game you're focusing on? If so, how do those videos and their opinions influence your final video (if at all?) I'm wondering how to deal with this issue myself. Should I always try to say something new about an already established game, or is it OK to repeat the popular sentiment, so long as it's in your own unique voice/style?
mandopony asked

I never, never, NEVER see what other YouTubers have to say about a game, ESPECIALLY if I’m doing a brand new game review. You may think it won’t, but seeing what others think WILL influence your opinion. I want mine to be purely mine when I give it. After my video is complete, then I’ll see what others had to say.

Even on older games. Every single game has been done by somebody, somewhere pretty much. There’s no point in trying to make sure you don’t say the same things as them, because you’re playing the same game. Overlapping opinions should be expected. And I never worry about covering a topic that someone else has already done, because I know my take on it will be much more unique (and in some cases, better done than their’s). 

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Hey Jared! I got the First 3 Metal Gear Solid Games on the PS1 and PS2, I am new with the MGS Series and was wondering about your thoughts of wich 1 of the 3 i should start with.
gamebandit asked

Play them in numerical order. 1,2,3.

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I hope this isn't too personal, but do you have any side jobs or is YouTube 100% of your income?
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This isn’t too personal of a question, I don’t think.

I do not have a side job. I live off of YouTube, and put 100% of my efforts into it.

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Jared I love you and I mean this in the nicest way possible but how did a big nosed bum like you end up with Heidi?
Anonymous asked

That’s rude.

I guess the answer is she isn’t superficial.