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Waittt what about yuyu hakusho?
Anonymous asked

I said good classics.

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What anime did you grow up with or recalled as a child?
Anonymous asked

All of the best classics!

Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Dragon Ball, DBZ, Record of Lodoss War, Samurai Pizza Cats.

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show us that diq so everyone can be boners
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A lot of significant others help out in some way during the process of video content makers. Does yours, and if so, what?
prayingmantis42 asked

She gives me a considerable amount of self-confidence, reassurance, and motivation. She may not do anything for the actual video creation process, but she helps me in so many ways that I need more than creativity.

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Just because it was your wife doesn't mean we don't want to see some sweet diq
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Fair enough.

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I’m fairly positive that all of these came from my wife.

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I finally cosplayed from my favorite game! This is Elza from Suikoden II. She’s a fugitive and former member of the Howling Voice Guild, a mysterious and powerful group of assassins who are the only faction in the Suikoden universe to possess knowledge of gunpowder. Elza is not a playable character, and she only makes a short appearance in the main storyline. However, there is an entire sidequest dedicated to helping Clive, Guild Master of the Howling Voice Guild (and Elza’s ex-lover) track her across the country. This requires you to speed run the game in under 20 hours, but their dramatic final showdown makes it totally worthwhile.

Photographed by Samantha McMichael.

Suikoden II cosplay!!

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How much of your time is spent writing the script? How many pages usually corresponds to, say, 10 minutes of a video?
jamesmccloud asked

It depends on the material. It can go anywhere from an afternoon to a few days.

For example, I knocked out the Hydlide script in a single sitting because I knew exactly what I wanted to say about it. Something like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest took a few days, since i had to comb through notes constantly and had a lot to cover.

A very, very, VERY rough estimate is that every page of script translates to about 3 minutes of video. So a 10 minute video can be about two to three pages.

The next script I’m working on is 5 pages.

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Are you maybe coming to Youmacon this year?
Anonymous asked

I have no plans, and I’d say likely not. It’s near the time of Portland Retro Game Expo and Oni-Con.

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In your first WiiU skit, I'm curious, were there any troubles getting in and out of the dryer?
lemonabyss asked

Yes. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done.

Only because the tumble thing inside of it was digging into my back the entire time.