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Jared, I love you what you do, I'm proud of you, I'm gonna let you finish, but PBG is the coolest member in Normal Boots of all time.
Anonymous asked

He truly is.

It’s not easy going through life knowing always knowing that there’s somebody better than you.

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You are a very snappy dresser. How old were you when you started to get into dress shirts and vests? How has your sense of fashion changed over time?
Anonymous asked

It honestly first started when I began working at Gamestop like, ten years ago. Back then, we were all required to wear dress pants, shoes, and either a polo shirt or a button up dress shirt.

I hate polos, so I quickly became accustomed to dress shirts.

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September Update!



Hey, it’s Nikki! We have a bunch of news from the past month!

The Kickstarter is coming along right on schedule! I’ve seen the page and it looks great! We’re currently finishing the last big piece, the trailer.

Besides that, here’s what’s been done in the past month:

  • We have found a video…
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dude, where's your letsplay channel at?
akaeter asked
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In your Two Worlds video you mentioned you and your friends buying cases of Dr. Pepper. In your D&D videos you're all drinking Dr. Pepper. As a lover of soda I just have to ask, why the specific love of Dr. Pepper?
vidiotdragon asked

Because it is tasty.

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Are you going to be playing Monster Hunter 4U on your Let's Play channel? I know how much you love the series, and I'm sure that it's not just me out there that would love to see you play it.
goodkingler asked

Chances are a god damn lot.

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I've been a big fan for awhile and I've always valued your opinions but I discovered you play mewtwo in ssb... I just can't respect you anymore. I'm sorry.
Anonymous asked

I don’t play him. I just think he’s a more important, more iconic character than Lucario.

But I get that they have plenty of first generation representation in the series. Mewtwo is just more badass.

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If there was to be DLC for Smash 4, what characters would you want?
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Hello, Jared! Do you take a break on the weekends from editing, or do you work on videos seven days a week?
popwert90 asked

Honestly? No, not really.

I never truly have a “day off” ever.

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Are you still accepting r34-projared?
Anonymous asked

I still haven’t seen any.